Our meticulous approach and our mission to always provide ‘Quality First’ is the driving force behind our work.

We love what we do

We simply cannot reiterate enough how much we adore the block prints of Rajasthan. The work of the artisans toiling away at their tables in factories tucked inside the maze of streets in Sanganer and Bagru is mesmerizing and detailed. We are proud of the fact that we are able to showcase this intricate work to the world!

Our working process

We begin by choosing the finest quality of cloth and then picking the best designs with soothing color combinations. Once the product is ready it is stocked at our warehouse categorized as per its design patterns. Before dispatch the folding and sizes are rechecked by the team and then packed in a waterproof packet to reach our customers without any damage.

Exclusive designs in rich rajasthani hues

About our online store

We began in 2017 as a small boutique selling stitched block print kurtas. But this was a short stint of about an year as we were already juggling three Optical stores along with this.

During COVID we saw a surge in dropshipping and reselling which propelled us to dip our feet in the trend once again. After a successful run of reselling block printed home furnishings we were ready to launch our own store with a dedicated warehouse and exclusive manufacturing partners.

Niraj Jain and his wife Karnika Bhati, the owners of our brand both believe in diversifying and keeping abreast with changing trends. Niraj Jain has always had a clear vision for his businesses and explains his strategy “The customer should always get value for their money and our service should be top notch so as to earn the customer’s loyalty.”

Karnika Bhati who has a prior experience of working in banking and customer relations with Genpact learnt some valuable organizational lessons and talks about how she handles the daily operations “A streamlined tracking process and good delegation of work are the backbones of a successful business. Quality should never be compromised in order to cut costs.”

Our Team

We believe in hiring talent from across the world and hence employ third party agencies for our various operational needs.

Karnika Bhati

Creative Director

Niraj Jain


Rohit Nayak

Packaging & Dispatch
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