Choose The Perfect Bed Sheet For A Sound Sleep

Have you ever given thought to the fabric you are choosing to sleep on? 

Why is it so important ? 

Studies have shown that the fabric that you sleep on affects your Rapid Eye Movement (REM) during sleep in turn affecting the hours you would be in deep sleep. Fabrics that are airy and breathable help control body temperature and humidity and aid a good night’s sleep which is absolutely essential for our bodies. Without a restful sleep we get up low on energy as our system hasn’t repaired itself and got rid of the previous day’s fatigue completely. Often while going through any sort of medical examination the first question your doctor would ask is about your sleep pattern which tells them how much is your body recuperating. All of us are well aware of how a good night’s sleep keeps us energized and active during the day. 

While shopping for bedsheets and bed linen we are always more focused on the design and colors that complement the look of our bedrooms rather than the cloth that it is made of. Sizing comes next with a range of king size bed sheets and queen size bed sheets available in every design.The most common natural fabrics available in bed sheets are cotton, silk, wool and linen.  Though we are spoilt for choice when it comes down to the fabrics of bed linen, there is one fabric that has stood the test of time – Cotton. 

A personal favorite and much coveted by those who are looking for sustainable home solutions Cotton has been around since time immemorial. New fabric blends hit the market daily but what is it about Cotton that makes it so sought after. Let’s find out!

Plant Based – Sustainable – Vegan

The cotton fiber is derived from the cotton plant hence it is completely natural. Being plant based it is renewable and biodegradable so you are not exposing yourself to any harmful synthetic fibers! So cotton bed sheets are not only good for you but also for the environment.


Have you ever felt that your bed does not feel very fresh even though you changed the sheets a day back? This is because of the synthetic fibers in the bed sheet which does not allow free flow of air. Pure cotton bed sheets let the air pass through easily allowing moisture to dry up easily making the bed sheets breathable and airy at all times. This makes the bed feel fresh and cozy when you slip into it for a good night’s sleep. 

Have sensitive skin? 

Steer clear of any synthetic bed sheets if you have sensitive skin. The synthetic fabric can cause rashes and itching and you might end up losing sleep over it! Notice the static when you rub your hand over a synthetic bedsheet? Now just imagine what that would mean at night when you are tossing and turning in your sleep. Cotton bed sheets pose no such issues being breathable and airy, these bed sheets are soft to touch and do not harm your skin in any way. It in fact soothes your skin which in turn promotes better sleep quality. 

Night sweats? Worry not! 

The soft breathable pure cotton bed sheets regulate your body temperature and keep it cool during the hot summer months. These airy bed sheets help cool air to pass through easily and keep the sheets dry aiding a peaceful deep sleep. They stay cooler for longer and don’t become too warm with your body heat. This makes cotton bed sheets the best choice for hot and humid summer months and for tropical weather too! 

Breathe easy and dust free 

COVID has given us new insights in flu symptoms and those of us with dust and pollen allergies are always on the lookout for natural and effective ways to prevent exposure. In today’s hectic routines it becomes difficult to change sheets everyday, this is where cotton bed sheets come to the rescue. The cotton fabric doesn’t absorb dust and bacteria easily and stays clean and fresh for a longer time. People with any sort of respiratory or lung issues are always recommended to sleep on pure cotton pillows with cotton pillow covers so that they breathe clean air during the night improving their sleep quality. 

So many benefits but how to care for your bed sheets? 

The good news is Pure Cotton bedsheets are the most easy to maintain. Just wash them in your washing machine and wring and dry them outside and they are ready to use. The cotton pillow covers and bedsheets become softer with every wash. The colors stay intact and the designs look as good as new for a long period of time. The pillow covers are wrinkle free just after drying. 

Do you detest having to discard bed sheets and pillow covers every year?

You won’t have to anymore! These cotton bed sheets are extremely durable and last a long time. In fact you might get bored of them but they will look the same over the years. Cotton fabric has good stretchability and hence machine wash doesn’t damage the quality of the bed sheets and pillow covers. 

They fit your pocket!

The pure cotton bedsheets come in every price range. King Size bed sheets tend to range a little higher than the queen size bed sheets but they make for it in their durability and longevity. Unlike their synthetic counterparts they are definitely value for money in every price and quality. 

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