The Story of your Homes

Post the pandemic home décor saw a huge change. Home is no longer for just relaxing and spending time with your family. There was a brand new feature added to your home which was the ‘home office’.  While some of us might have been freelancers and working from home already, most of us found ourselves struggling to create a cohesive living environment. 

It became increasingly important to create a bedroom that felt calming and relaxing. The home décor trends of this year reflect some of the same sentiments to an extent.

Let’s look at some of the latest home décor looks to help spruce up your space keeping with the times.

1. Environmentally conscious and sustainable choices

The pandemic might be on a decline but it has had a lasting effect on people’s mindset and their resulting choices. Sustainability and usage of natural materials is at the forefront in every industry today. Your home reflects your personality and understandably more and more people are choosing to go for furniture which is handmade and sustainable. Rattan has seen a big comeback and is a hot favorite right now to give that fresh look to homes. Where once upon a time mass produced pre made furniture and furnishings were popular, now more locally procured and environmental friendly products are making the top shelves.

2. Low maintenance fabrics

What the work from home culture also got in was the demand for high quality fabrics which were low on maintenance and lasted longer. As you spend more time at home you realize the importance of pure cotton bed sheets which can be washed easily and are virtually stain resistant. Not just bed sheets but dry clean only silk cushion covers were dumped for more pocket friendly and vibrant block printed cotton cushion covers which neither fade nor go out of trend ever.

3. Monochromatic walls and minimalistic vibe

The monochrome look is here to stay as it beautifully complements a minimalistic lifestyle which seems to be the norm currently. The less you have the less clutter in your homes and your minds which results in time saved and happier days.  Furnishings have caught on the trend and are leaning towards more white based bed sheets with subtle prints, block printed curtains in earthy tones of beige and brown and pure cotton and natural linen is the preferred fabric right now.

4. Accentuating with statement pieces

When the look throughout the house is monochrome and more simplistic, rugs that stand out perfectly fit the look.  Cotton rugs which are washable yet look like a piece of art, add in to the look of the whole room instead of just being functional. Bedrooms are being adorned with artistic bedside lamps to add in a bit of elegance.

5. Classic combinations

Wood and gold, a match made in heaven! Pure high gloss wooden finish furniture is the trend to look out for. Natural materials such as cork and bamboo also perfectly match golden hanging lights and golden furniture accents. A rich and lustrous look with modern design is what you should be aiming for this year.

6. Hobby areas

Dedicated spaces for hobbies, be it crafting, painting or reading are big in renovation plans. If it’s a reading nook you are adding to your home large bulky reading chairs in soothing brown tones are a favorite. Crafting or painting areas tell a different story. Easily wipeable counters which use natural toned stones are practical and make the place look stunning. Windows with light colored curtains with small block print motifs which allow natural light to filter in make for the best choice for these special rooms.

7. Patterns and prints

We have painted the walls in monochrome, placed furniture that’s minimalistic and got our statement pieces in the right corners but what about the prints of the furnishings across the house? Furnishings make up a huge part of home décor when it comes to completing a well thought out look of a room. This year the simple look of plaid has been a favorite with everyone in everything from bed sheets to throws or cushion covers. The simple look of big checks in subtle tones complements the minimalistic interiors perfectly.

Nature prints of small flowers, palm trees, leaves in curtains and bedcovers with beige or white background are also trending. Bold earthy colors with hints of coral are a fresh change from the pure white trend of the past years.

Overall the interior décor trends of 2023 seek to create a warmth around your house that makes it a more happier and cozy home. Pristine white and stark interiors were for the years where most of our life was being spent outside the home, but the past few years have flipped that completely. The trend pushes us to make more environmentally conscious choices and to keep in mind the importance of waste less and save more. Using natural fabrics such as cotton and linen and buying furniture that was responsibly sourced should become a habit with us.

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